What is the club uniform?

The Bulls uniform was updated at the beginning of 2018, we now have a reversible singlet (white for the main uniform and red for the reverse), and our white pinstriped shorts, all with our brand new Bulls emblem on them. All new players joining will need to buy a set of the singlet and short. Existing players may have older uniforms – if these need to be replaced then this is the uniform you'll receive.

How much does it cost?

The singlet and shorts set are currently being sold as a set for $110.00. You can optionally package this with other merchandise items when you purchase it, however this is not required. The price includes delivery

Can I choose my own number?

In most cases, you will be able to choose from a limited selection of numbers based on the stock the club has available. However this may be restricted to avoid number clashes within teams. Our uniform supplier Fiddes will work this out with you when you buy your uniform.

Is there a secondhand uniform program at the club?

No. The club does not directly deal with secondhand uniforms, however we do encourage parents of players to buy or sell older uniforms amongst themselves. However before buying an older uniform, please check with the club that the number will not cause a clash within your child's team – preference will be given to the player who already had the number!

How do I know what size I need?

We have a new supplier for our uniforms, Fiddes Basketball in Thomastown. They will be able to fit you up for your new uniform and will take care of all the details.

  • Fiddes Basketball
  • 15/24 Brand Drive, Thomastown
  • (03) 9464 1721

What happens in a clash?

All the new uniforms sold since 2018 are reversible. In the event of a clash, assuming the whole team has the newer singlets, these can be easily reversed to handle a clash situation. The shorts remain white, and the clash singlets are red.

If the team doesn't have reversible singlets, the club owns a set of clash tops that are brought to games in the event they are required. These are handed back at the end of each game – there isn't any cost associated with this.